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Fire Strip Roll - Dealer Pack - 45pk

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Procamptek, formerly Production Hangar 51

Fire Strip Roll 
Wax-infused Fibrous Paper
Dealer Pack 

  • Fibrous Paper Fire Tinder. Water Resistant. Flint Spark Ignition.

    The Fire Strip Roll™ is made out of a thick and fibrous paper. It is fully infused with wax and oxygen free.

    Fire Strip Roll is easy to light using a flint based wheel ignitors such as an empty Bic lighter, Exotac Nanospark, or Zippo flint.

    To use, simply tear off a small length of the tinder from the INSIDE of the roll. Work the tinder with your fingers to break up the wax coating. Make small, rough tears to expose the paper fibers. Apply flint spark (or open flame) to fibers. Add additional Fire Strip Roll material and/or other tinder as needed to build larger flame.

  • Color: Actual color of Fire Strip Roll may vary somewhat between batches.

    Photos:  Photos are copyrighted and should NOT be used without our expressed written permission. Any Firesteels, strikers, ferro rods, matches, knives, or other products pictured are not included, obviously.

    Misuse of Product: and Fiddleback Outpost are not responsible for misuse or abuse of this product. Obey all laws, ordinances and local fire warnings when using this product. Practice intelligent fire safety at all times.

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Fire Strip Roll - How It Works