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Fast Fire Stick - Dealer Pack - 60pk

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Procamptek, formerly Production Hangar 51

Fast Fire Stick 
Rapid Fire Starting Tinder
Dealer Pack

  • High Wind Resistance & Insanely Fast Ignition! 

    Procamptek's Fast Fire Stick is a portable, packable, clean, efficient, and fast ignition fire-starting tinder. It can be lit with a variety of common methods from flint sparks, embers, ferrocerium rods (aka ferro rods, firesteels), lighters, matches, & more. Even if you're a person who swears by the holy Bic for your fires, Fast Fire Stick will light from the flint spark even if the lighter is out of fluid!

    Fast Fire Stick is one of the most versatile fire starting tinders on the planet, and it's like nothing else on earth. Great natural tinder rarely possesses a combination of flash ignition and long burning properties, especially adding the properties of weather resistance and long term storability.

    Fast Fire Stick is handmade to achieve superb performance in most weather conditions. The compact design, along with the relatively soft texture, makes Fast Fire Stick easy cut with your favorite knife and simple to process for burning. You don't have to unwrap Fast Fire Stick, even the wrapper is non-toxic and burns there's nothing left to pack out! Fast Fire Stick's performance surpasses anything currently in your bug-out bag or daypack.

  • Color: Actual color of Fast Fire Stick may vary somewhat between batches.

    Photos:  Photos are copyrighted and should NOT be used without our expressed written permission. Any firesteels, spark generators, strikers, ferro rods, matches, knives, organizers, bags, or other products pictured are not included, obviously.

    Misuse of Product:  Fiddleback Outpost and Procamptek are not responsible for misuse or abuse of this product. Obey all laws, ordinances and local fire warnings when using this product. Practice intelligent fire safety at all times.

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Fast Fire Stick - How It Works